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SmashBox Light it up! Lip Gloss Set

W_13266331hile out shopping last weekend, I popped into boots for some basic toiletries.However, while walking past the makeup counter, I spotted this beauty at only £8.65 in it’s lovely neon pink packaging – I was drawn to it!

Being with my Housemate at the time, she had gotten the set for a Christmas present and raved about it – so I, of course, had to have it.

fullsizerenderThere are 5 shades:

  • A Nude – Bare Light
  • A Orange / Coral – Orange Light
  • A Sparkly Pink – Fuchsia Light
  • A Lilac / Purple – Lilac Light
  • A bright red – Ruby Light

All shades are very pigmented and can be used as a lipstick topper or by itself! They are fairly long lasting and do not produce that ‘sticky’ lip feeling which I was dreading.

I would definitely recommend these products to anyone. I love them for a day to day basis to just dress up a natural look. Also perfect for nights out!


Ciaté Mini Mani Advent Calendar

I know an Advent calendar is for December, but as I fell ill I didn’t get round to blogging around this amazing advent calendar!

My mum bought this advent calendar for me from TK Maxx for £16.99 – RRP £50! It contains nail treatments, nail varnish, a nail file as well as glitter nail toppers!

Over Christmas I have had so much fun with fake nails and this advent calendar! I put 2 layers of colour on and then a top coat to make sure they are glossy and don’t chip!

For Christmas I wore ‘Raising the barre’ – which is a deep burgundy red colour with ‘All that Jazz’ nail topper. I then used the nail top coat provided to seal the glitter onto my nails.

This is the first time I have ever had nail varnish from Ciaté and I will carry on using and buying it! I love the variety of colours I now have and I love the easiness of how quickly it dries!

What is your favourite nail varnish brand?

My 2017 New Years Resolutions

Every year I make New Years Resolutions I don’t keep – whether its getting fitter or eating healthy. I fall off the band wagon usually after January. So, this year rather than focusing on 1 thing, I wanted to broaden my focus and so this is my 2017 New Years Resolution:

To Love Myself

Yes, that may see simple and you may be thinking – that’s so broad, what even do you mean?

Well it means:

  • Taking time out for myself – whether it be reading a book for half an hour, having a soak in the bath, pampering myself with a face mask and a relaxing evening, or simple as not scrolling through Instagram until midnight…which leads me onto my next point.
  • Taking a break from ‘screen time’ – I admit, I spend most my day on my laptop, watching TV or on my phone. I’m fed up on relying on social media for something to do. I used to read a lot and now I haven’t picked up a book in months, so now is my time to take a break from the screen and exercise, see friends more and not rely on my phone or laptop.
  • Blogging about my interests – Now this may seen contradictory to my last bullet point, however last year I found myself blogging about things I don’t really love just to fill up the blog as I committed to posting every Monday and Thursday! This year, I want to make my upload schedule more relaxed. No more Motivational Monday, but potentially motivational ideas, and a lot more around beauty, makeup and product reviews! I am, after all, a sucker for makeup!
  • Be more body confident – I’ve always been a little body conscious, whether it’s because I think I look a little on the chubby side or because my hair doesn’t look right or something else which then ends up. This year is my year to love my body for what it is, hydrate my body and feed it with good nutritious food to help fuel my body and day to day life.
  • Exercise more – Yes, I’m a poler. End of last year I fell a bit out of love with pole and this year I really want to get back into it and succeed. I think I struggled as my strength declined as well as my lack of motivation! This year I want to build my strength with workouts here and there and tone / condition my body!
  • Organisation, Organisation, Organisation! – Who doesn’t love being organised? I like to have things planned out to the minor detail. As a Uni student, I find it hard to cope at times with the amount of work I have and the time, which then leads me to be stressed, grumpy and tired – a combo no one wants to see. This year I want to work on minimising my stress levels by being better organised.

By doing all these little things in my life I hope to be able to have a year full of self love and becoming more confident.

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions? 

Where have I been?…

So, I got to Blogmas day 16 and thats where it stopped. I’m usually on top of my blogs and have a few schedules just incase I fall busy and don’t get round to doing one…but I ran out of time and energy.

I fell ill around mid-december and have been on a rollercoaster of feeling well and then unwell again – I’m kinda fed up now! 😦

I needed to write a blog post to tell you – I’m still alive! Just taking a break from social media, blog writing and am focusing on getting better, catching up with friends and writing assignments!

I will keep you updated, but I will see you a week or so…

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


Blogmas Day 13 – Websites to use to get presents from

Here are a few websites where I like to buy Christmas Presents from:

IWOOT  – An online store full of everything you’d ever need, and also has some great present ideas!

Firebox – For them slightly unusual gifts!

Amazon – Brilliant if you have Prime! What is better than next day delivery?!

Not on the High Street – For them Personalised Gifts

Lisa Angel  – For them cute gifts for your girl friends

Anthropologie – Quirky Homeware gifts

Boots – Boots seriously has every imaginable gift sets from smellies to candles.

What’s your favourite store? 



Blogmas Day 12 – My Family Christmas Day Traditions

Since I was about 16 years old, the Christmas Traditions in my Family Household has changed.

When we were children, we would open our stockings in the morning and open our presents downstairs in our PJ’s before we started out day.

However, now Christmas Day is more leisurely. We get up at a reasonable time, around 8-9am. We then open our stockings upstairs, and all have showered and get dressed before we all head downstairs.

Once we are all downstairs, Mum will start putting the food on while someone walks our dog. After the food is cooking and we are all home and the dog is settled, we start to open presents with A Bucks Fizz / Glass of Champagne.

We open presents gradually in the morning, and usually take it in turns. After Presents, we clear up the mess and then have a late morning starter of prawn cocktail with salmon and canapés.

We have a relaxing day with food spread out throughout the day, for example we will have Christmas Dinner around 2-3pm and then pudding around 6-7pm.

In the afternoon, we all just relax and my parents usually have a snooze infant of the fire while My brother and I catch up with work we have to do and visit our boyfriend / girlfriend to share presents with them.

The rest of Christmas day is pretty relaxed, with no real rush to get anything done.

What are your Christmas Day traditions? 

Blogmas Day 11 – My Winter Skincare Routine

These are my Top 5 products in my winter routine:

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm 

I use this cream every morning to moisturise my face. It is a perfect base under any foundation and doesn’t break out my skin. You don’t need much of the cream to cover your face as it is quite a thick consistency. It absorbs really well and really hydrates my skin without it feeling greasy.

AUVA Vitamin E Lip Care

I have a pot of vaseline in my handbag, however I don’t like the fact you have to apply it with your fingers. I have has a AUVA Lip Balm for 5 weeks now and I love it. During the winter months, I get quiet dry lips especially as I have to walk to work and back in the cold. This Lip Balm comes in a lipstick type packaging, so you can apply it with the applicator. For me, it just makes it feel more hygienic and it is so hydrating, and not greasy. I apply it as needed and it is great that it is 95% natural!

Body Shop Shea Butter

I use this Body Butter all year round, it is hydrating and helps my skin – especially in the dry months. I apply it straight after I’ve dried my body after a shower.

Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream

I mentioned this product a few months back in a review, and I have carried on to love it. I use it after Ive had an evening shower, and so it has time to absorb completely into my skin before I sleep. It doesn’t break out my skin and helps get rid of the red patched that I can get around my nose.

Sephora Moisturising Body Scrub

I bought this product quite a while ago, but never used it. Over the past couple of months, I have used it on my face. My face feels so slightly and velvet like after I’ve used it on a wet face. It is a great exfoliator and I would definitely recommend it!

What is a staple in your Winter Skin Routine? 


Blogmas Day 10 – Christmas Party Playlist

Here are my Top 12 songs to be put on a Christmas Party Playlist:

Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town – Bride Spingsteen
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! – Frank Sinatra
We Three Kings – The Piano Guys
Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Michael Bublé
Rockin Around the Christmas tree
Santa Baby – Kylie Monogue
Holly Jolly Christmas – Michael Bublé
Fairytale of New York – The Pogues
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – John Denver
Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rea
Feliz Navidad – José Feliciano
Last Christmas – Wham!

What are you favourite Christmas Songs on your playlist?